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But party leaders said they were not celebrating victory because of a recent fire at an amusement park in the state that killed 27 people. When a newer brokerage company appears on the “trading map,” clients expect to find the best conditions there. Bid and ask orders placed by traders should be executed within milliseconds; otherwise, your clients face price slippage and gaps that ruin trading strategies.

PoP brokerages are also equipped to deal with increasing regulatory requirements for highly leveraged trades. They do this primarily to attract business since their retail clients may not have the funds to place the larger transactions that tier 1 banks require. However, the bid-ask spreads may be wider than what tier 1 banks offer. The main reason for this is that this is one of the main ways that PoPs make money. The demand for prime of prime services is only expected to increase in the years to come as banks are turning more and more stringent when accepting a new broker-client. Retail traders should be aware of this and prefer to deal only with those Forex brokers that have stable relationship with solid PoP intermediaries.

Should he win a third term and finish it out, he’ll near the record of the longest-serving prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. The main opposition Congress party led in 83 constituencies and had won 15. “Today’s victory is the victory of the world’s largest democracy,” he said, speaking at his party headquarters. The National Democratic Alliance, led by Narendra Modi’s BJP, has claimed 240 seats.

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The position can be important during times of political uncertainty such as a hung parliament, when the office assumes greater power. The president is bound by the advice of the Cabinet led by the prime minister, who is the chief executive. Final figures are not expected until Wednesday local time, with counting going late into the night.

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It needs 272 to secure a majority and thus a third term for the prime minister. Firstly, it provides access to more liquidity, which is important for traders. Secondly, PoP gives traders access to products that standard prime brokerage accounts don’t offer such as non-deliverable forwards (NDF). India’s top political parties made promises to address climate change and reduce emissions in their election manifestos — but little of that was evident on the campaign trail. Analysts say the change in tone came as the BJP targeted a supermajority by consolidating votes among the majority Hindu population — a number that now seems out of reach.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist party is facing a major upset in India’s most populous state at the hands of a powerful regional group, Samajwadi Party or Socialist Group. More than 12 hours after vote counting started, India’s Election Commission reports that the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has won 140 seats while the Congress party has won 55. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi swept to power a decade ago on promises to transform India’s economy, and as he seeks a third term as prime minister, it would be hard to argue he hasn’t made strides.

  • Engineered in collaboration with Critical, the PRIME Pen was designed with a custom precision Bishop motor made in Japan.
  • Early leads from India’s election commission projected Narendra Modi’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party was leading in 25 of 26 seats in the prime minister’s home state of Gujarat.
  • The PoP structure came under scrutiny in January 2015, when the Swiss National Bank (SNB) removed its three-year-old peg of 1.20 Swiss francs per euro.
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  • Droupadi Murmu, the current president, was elected in 2022 by lawmakers — an electoral college that consists of lawmakers in both houses of Parliament and elected members of the legislative assemblies of all states.

His supporters see him as a self-made, strong leader who has improved India’s standing on the global stage, and credit his pro-business policies with making the economy the world’s fifth-largest. At the same time, his rule has seen brazen attacks against minorities, particularly Muslims. The Samajwadi Party, founded in 1992 and now led by Akhilesh Yadav, has already won 10 seats in Uttar Pradesh state and was leading in another 28 constituencies. It is part of the Congress-led INDIA alliance, which is facing off against the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance.

Preliminary results indicate Modi’s BJP will need to rely on its coalition partners to achieve that. Modi said that his National Democratic Alliance will form the government for the third consecutive time. Droupadi Murmu, the current president, was elected in 2022 by lawmakers — an electoral college that consists of lawmakers in both houses of Parliament and elected members of the legislative assemblies of all states. She hails from the same political party as Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A coalition would, however, diminish Modi’s power as a strongman leader who won his party landslide victories in 2014 and 2019 elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling Hindu nationalist party Prime Of Prime Pop appears to be falling short of a majority in the early vote count. If these trends hold, it would be a stunning setback to the populist who has never relied on coalition partners to govern.

Typically, the more PoP accounts or links to the big banks a retail broker can get, the better. Liquidity from five big banks is much better than liquidity from only one. The more tier 1 banks providing the retail broker with quotes and volume, the lower the retail broker’s spreads will be, all else being equal. This is why forex brokers advertise how much liquidity they have access to and which big banks are providing it. One of the reasons that tier 1 banks and prime brokers don’t provide the services that PoPs do is that there is a smaller profit margin in the smaller trades which typically come from a retail client and their broker. Additionally, their systems often don’t support a cost-effective way to complete smaller trades.

If Modi does have to rely on coalition support to govern, it would be a stunning blow for the 73-year-old, who had hoped for a landslide victory. Prime Minister Narendra Modi promises “new chapter of big decisions” after declaring victory for his coalition. Prime Minister Narendra Modi says India will will see a “new chapter of big decisions” in his third term in office.

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The White House on Tuesday commended India for demonstrating its “vibrant democratic process” after close to 970 million Indians went to the polls during its six-week long election. Final figures were not expected until Wednesday, with counting going late into the night. Today’s live coverage has ended, but there’s still plenty to catch up on. Read what you missed below and find more coverage on the AP’s global elections hub. Reach people quickly with visual communications by displaying critical notifications, general messages and time/date. The InfoBoard critical notifications feature gives 5 visual message options to display throughout a school or office, potentially saving someone’s life in an emergency.

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